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Improving Your Cylinder Heads with the P-D Valve

At Horsepower Monster, we’re not afraid to dive into the hardcore tech because we know you will do whatever it takes to make more power. And we figure that more than a few of you either own–or have access to–a flow bench in order to wring the last bit of juice out of  your cylinder heads.…
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The Hot Rod 400 Ford on the Dyno

A few years ago Hot Rod magazine published an engine build story trying to see if it could build a 500-horsepower motor from scratch for five thousand dollars. So of course, it started with a Chevy small block and was successful. But that’s kind of like trying to predict whether a kid is going to prefer…
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440 Cubic Inches of Chevy 409

The 409 has seen a bit of a revival of late with Edelbrock’s introduction of new aluminum heads and World Products following up shortly after that with an aluminum Merlin 409. Our 409 build is meant to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We kept an original cast iron block and

HEI Ignition Tips

Nothing proves engine theories or new parts like a little dyno time. Street Muscle Action decided to take a closer look at ignitions in general and the ever popular HEI ignition in particular. We also tested a stock unit against a high-performance unit from Performance Distributors. The HEI is a popular choice because it requires only…
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Breaking In Your Flat Tappet Camshaft

The first few minutes of operation will determine the long-term survival of your flat-tappet camshaft. More agressive lobe designs, stronger valvesprings and changes to the additives in modern motor oils makes a “wiped” cam lobe much more likely than in the days of classic muscle cars. These are a few very important tips for properly…
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A New Era Buick GNX

For the first of many engine builds at Street Muscle Action, we couldn’t just settle for something ordinary. No, this is a new century re-imagining of Buick’s turbocharged V6. This time around we’re talking about a 76 millimeter turbo, 42 extra cubic inches and total output of over 700 horsepower. So far we have the…
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The Pulstar Plugs Dyno Test

You may have noticed the ads in several leading magazines for these new spark plugs from a company called Enerpulse Incorporated. Enerpulse calls its device the Pulstar Plug, and Pulstar Plugsit’s making some fantastic claims about it. By incorporating what Enerpulse calls a “Pulse Circuit” in the plug, the Pulstar is supposed to deliver as much as 10 times more power than a conventional plug. Enerpulse says that equals 11 more horsepower in a Nissan 350Z.

Protect Your Distributor

Properly installing your distributor involves a little bit more than just stabbing it in and setting the timing. Here’s how to check the distributor depth to make sure you don’t cause premature wear to either your distributor or your camshaft. Printable Instruction Sheet Parts List & Resources
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