Father and Son Rat Rodders

Ray Fassel and his son Guido (We have no idea if that’s his real name, so don’t ask.) enjoy building rat rods together. And they don’t just build show pieces, they actually drive them.

Ray’s current ride is a ’32 Plymouth four door sedan powered by a 392 Hemi. He says he’s put over 25,000 miles on the car since finishing it. Meanwhile Guido pilots a ’30 Ford Model A powered by a 425 Buick Nailhead V8 he’s pulled from a ’65 Riveria. Besides the engine, he’s also repurposed the steering wheel, dash and some other odds and ends into the car.

We like that this father and son duo enjoy building cars and going to shows together. The cars certainly aren’t the most popular options for hot rod builds, and while they may not be to everyone’s taste we like that they don’t care.


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