Better Than New: Rebuilding the Interior On the Horsepower Monster Camaro

When we first purchased the 1978 Camaro as a project car, there was so much wrong with it that I hardly took notice of the interior.

But slowly is has been coming together: The leaky power steering pump has been replaced (along with the also leaky steering box), the Turbo 350 transmission has been rebuilt, and new hoses, distributor and plug wires have gotten the reman 350 to keep sputtering along until I’m ready to drop in the 427 we’ve built in previous videos.

Somewhere along the way I started to notice that the original red carpet was not only getting pretty funky, but it was also worn to the backing material in several places. And the disco-era pleather seats were torn, lumpy and basically about as supportive as your average park bench. So I decided it was time for a bit of sprucing up in the cockpit.

So out came the carpet and the seats. Of course, a straight-up replacement simply won’t do, so we decided to make a major upgrade to the interior while we were at it. Design Engineering Inc (DEI) is one of the leading manufacturers of thermal and heat insulation materials in the industry, and we ordered up their Thermal and Accoustic Kit, which turns out to be a pretty sweet deal. It includes the company’s excellent Boom Mat material, which is designed to cut down on the squeaks and rattles that typically plague older vehicles, Under Carpet Lite, which is a premiere sound and thermal insulator, and a can of Boom Mat Spray-On, which is essentially Boom Mat in liquid form for hard-to-reach areas.


Overall, the complete install was surprisingly easy. It doesn’t require any special tools or special skills. The new black carpet from National Parts Depot dropped in easily as well. In the car, I can tell a real difference. Check out the video as well as a few photos from the project below. And if you are interested, we used DEI’s Thermal & Acoustic Interior Kit (part number 050500), which included enough material to also do the trunk, or maybe even cover a station wagon.

After finishing up the carpet, it seemed like a crime to try and dye or recover the original seats and reuse them. After over 35 years of service, the foam in the original seats was long collapsed, the vinyl was cracked and split, and the metal frame for the seat back on the driver’s side was warped. So we did a little searching online and found that Summit Racing not only offers new seats for some pretty good pricing, but they also offer an installation kit specifically for second-generation Camaros. Specifically, we used part number 27-0005.

The seats are from ProCar by Scat, and are specifically their Rally design. They’ve got lots of bolster on both the seat and back, fully recline and slide, come in a wide variety of colors (I, of course, chose standard black) and are super comfortable. Besides the seats and sliders, the kit also includes heavy-duty mounting brackets specific to the Camaro. Check out the installation in the video below and see for yourself.


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  1. My ex husband had 57vhevey mambo he rebuild it from the ground up, he took each pice of that car off and then put it all back to gather again.

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