Building Ford Race Engines for the Daytona 500

Here’s a fun video I had the opportunity to produce for my friends at Roush Yates Engines a few months back.

They wanted something to celebrate the beginning of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup racing season, so we came up with this concept about building a Ford FR9 race engine that will go into one of the cars. Of course, after an entire off-season spent on research and development, most of the guts of the engine were still top secret–so a few steps had to be left out. Still, it’s always fun to hear a Cup engine on the dyno.

And by the way, Penske driver Joey Logano won the Daytona 500 with one of Roush Yates Engines’ Ford motors. Not saying this video was a lucky rabbit’s foot, but if any Cup teams want to hire out the Horsepower Monster for a video next year just in case, we won’t complain!

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  1. people talk about the HP the fords and now the toyotas have but NASCAR dynos these engines so no one has a HP advantage. the toyotas would not stay together at the HP and RPMs levels that NACAR allowed before so they educed the HP and RPMs so the Toyotas engines will last.

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