The Roush Yates Performance Experience

Even though there is little to no tech value here, every once in a while I’ll post up a video I’ve produced for one of my clients simply because I think you might enjoy it.

Roush Yates Performance Parts wanted a short video showcasing their parts store. Their operation is pretty cool–they’ve converted an old race shop in Mooresville, NC, into what’s essentially the greatest WalMart ever for gearheads. Not only are there acres of new and used parts for you to roam through (the used stuff is mostly lightly used parts the Cup teams they work with have cycled out), they also have two chassis dynos that they will use for tuning your car. I’ve seen everything on their from street cars to Dirt Late Models, to a NASCAR Cup car that was on its way to Daytona.

With parts sitting on a shelf it’s easy to wind up with a boring video that’s just a series of static product shots. But after putting our heads together, I think we’ve come up with a video that’s a pretty fun minute and twenty seconds of your time. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. JohnA
    Cool stuff, good job.

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