Dirt Late Model Racing at Friendship

Friendship Speedway is a dirt track tucked into the foothills of North Carolina. I had the chance to hang out with racer Chris Hargett and mount up a few GoPro cameras on his car for a Crate Late Model race.

Friendship used to be an asphalt track, and the facility transitioned to dirt a few years ago. The asphalt racing surface is still down there somewhere, and that limits how deep water can soak in. As a result, the track can sometimes get a bit rough–which is exactly what happened in turn one the night we were there.

Still, it was a good night of great racing, and that’s hard to beat.


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  1. Greg Neville
    Hi,who builds the best IMCA dirt late model engine?Is it a ford or chevy,because I've been looking at engines on youtube and getting bs from drivers at the track it's really hard to make a decision.I was on roush yates web site and they want 40 grand for an engine.Is that what it takes to win?Thank's,Greg.
  2. Jeff
    Based on their record with Bloomquist and a lot of others, Roush Yates Engines definitely has one of the best engine packages out there. I've also worked with Clements Racing Engines and they have a lot of winning drivers. You can check them out at http://clementsraceengines.com/. Clements might be a bit cheaper than RY but, unfortunately, if you are building an Unlimited DLM engine from scratch the price tag is going to be hefty.

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