Install a Sprint Cup Timing System on Your Ford

When the Ford FR9 engine developed for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing by Roush Yates Engines came on line, it instantly made a whole lot of very guarded engine technology for the Windsor engine out of date–at least for the Cup guys.

But the rest of us normal folks still building and working with the Windsor V8 platform, it is still some very cool technology. Roush Yates recognizes this and has been very successful translating the engine building expertise it has developed over the years in the Cup series to forms of racing. It is also making parts available to the general masses that just a few years ago were unavailable anywhere. One such item is the dry timing belt system it developed in-house for Cup competition. By replacing the traditional chain with a cogged belt, the system is more durable, absorbs harmonics from the crank to make valve and ignition timing more stable and is more energy efficient. It is, in fact, still in use in the Nationwide and Truck Series.

This system has proven popular with competitors in other stock car racing series, dirt racers, drag racers, marine engine builders and even hot rodders (you’ve got to admit the exposed belt just plain looks cool). Here, Roush Yates Engine’s own Nick Ramey shows the proper way to install the front drive kit on a block that will eventually show up in off-road truck racing.

For more information you can check out the Roush Yates Parts info on the timing kit here.

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  1. Mike 51
    Yeah, but what does something like that cost?
  2. Jeff
    I looked it up and it's a little over a grand ( It's purebred racing stuff, so it doesn't come cheap.
  3. dan

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