U.S. Legend Cars’ New Dirt Modified Racer

You may be familiar with U.S. Legend Racing International’s by its previous name: 600 Racing. That is the outfit that produces the famous Legends cars that race all over the country. U.S. Legend Cars also builds a smaller version, the Bandolero, as well as a longer wheelbase car, the Thunder Roadster, and even offers tracks a sanctioning rulebook to help keep the racing safe, inexpensive and competitive.

The brand new¬†Legends Dirt Modified is a bit of a departure from the other three cars because this one is the fist to be built from the ground up for dirt racing. The Dirt Modified should remind old-school dirt racers of the classic Sprint Cars. There’s a solid front axle, a sprint car-style steering setup, a live rear axle (complete with quick-change rear), and an upright, centered seating position. None other than legendary crew chief and car owner Ray Evernham, who is now the owner of East Lincoln Speedway, played a major role in the development of this design.

I got the opportunity to help U.S. Legends put together a video so that prospective racers can get a better idea of how these cars perform in real life. These cars were a ton of fun to shoot, and I’m looking forward to getting an opportunity to get a little seat time myself. Here’s the video I put together for this brand new race car.

If you are interested in learning more about the Legends Dirt Modified, you can visit U.S. Legend Cars’ website.

4 Responses

  1. I am glad that the driver is Okay. That is a great video though.
  2. Those are great looking cars. It is amazing what they can do on those dirt roads.
  3. Dennis Roberts
    Great looking car, I would be very intersted if they would run them aroud here. I have a modified and a dwarf car. These would be a hoot. Dennis
  4. ranger
    Just saw DW drive such one around Eldora, these thing must be hell of fun to drive, and they look damn cool

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