ChumpCar Racing at The Rock

You may have already seen the videos where we built a car and raced in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Now there’s a new organization called the ChumpCar Racing World Series, where our 1991 Honda Accord is also legal. Plus, the best part is ChumpCar races at some really cool tracks. We recently raced–and won!–ChumpCar’s first race at The Rock, or Rockingham (NC) Speedway as it’s also known, and had a blast. The track included most of the speedway’s one-mile oval and the infield road course section.

Here’s a short clip from our in-car camera for you to check out. This was my first time using GoPro’s new high defintion Hero cam, and it worked great. You can expect to see a lot more video using this great gadget on the site. I didn’t add any music because I thought you might enjoy the V-tec revving to six-grand and beyond.

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