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HEI Ignition Tips

Nothing proves engine theories or new parts like a little dyno┬átime. Street Muscle Action decided to take a closer look at ignitions in general and the ever popular HEI ignition in particular. We also tested a stock unit against a high-performance unit from Performance Distributors. The HEI is a popular choice because it requires only…
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Breaking In Your Flat Tappet Camshaft

The first few minutes of operation will determine the long-term survival of your flat-tappet camshaft. More agressive lobe designs, stronger valvesprings and changes to the additives in modern motor oils makes a "wiped" cam lobe much more likely than in the days of classic muscle cars. These are a few very important tips for properly…
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Protect Your Distributor

Properly installing your distributor involves a little bit more than just stabbing it in and setting the timing. Here's how to check the distributor depth to make sure you don't cause premature wear to either your distributor or your camshaft. Printable Instruction Sheet Parts List & Resources
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