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Building an AMC 390 to go into a restored 1969 AMX

When the American Motors Company debuted the AMX as a mid-year 1968 model, it became the only steel-bodied two-seat vehicle being made in the States--or maybe anywhere, but we didn't research it that far. The AMX, which stands for American Motors eXperimental, was supposed to be AMC's halo car, similar to Chevrolet's Corvette. That may…
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Secrets to Dialing in a Mopar Valvetrain

Like most Mopar engines, this 340 LA-series small block utilizes a shaft-mounted rocker system that provides superior stability but requires a few extra precautions during installation to make sure the geometry is correct.   There is no doubt that the stud-mounted rocker systems that are commonplace in small block Fords and Chevys are simpler and…
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Reviving the Elephant

Part Three in the series is now up! We're building a classic 426 Hemi, an engine that was so revered it was nicknamed "The Elephant." The results: 516 lb/ft of torque and 550 horsepower--all on pump gas. Updated with the final video including dyno testing!
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