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Building a Big Block Ripper to go Mud Bogging!

Here's the challenge: How much naturally aspirated power can you make for twenty grand? Mud Bogging is about as All-American as it gets when it comes to motorsports. We travelled to the shops of Motorsports Unlimited to meet up with owner Lance Stillwell as he builds a 582 cubic inch big block for a Mud…
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Dual TorqStorm Blowers on a 427 Cubic Inch LS1

The GM LSX engine has been built in just about every configuration imaginable, but Holley and Prestige Motorsports took it to a new level by strapping two TorqStorm centrifugal superchargers to a bored and stroked 427 cubic inch LS1. On pump gas this bad boy makes over 1,000 horsepower without breaking a sweat.
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Dyno Testing Carbs vs a Very Unique EFI Setup

Recently Keith Dorton of Automotive Specialists built two very similar engines. They were, in fact, practically identical except for the induction. Both were 400 cubic inch small block Chevy's with identical Molnar stroker crank and rods, Crane Cams valvetrain, and AFR cylinder heads. The difference between the two was the induction systems. One was outfitted…
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Chevy Makes an Easy 550+ Horsepower on the Dyno

You've got to love old school grunt. Today we have a naturally aspirated small block Chevy built by Keith Dorton at Automotive Specialists. It's been punched out to 400 cubic inches, and naturally aspirated with a carburetor still manages to make over 550 horsepower on pump gas. Maybe best of all, this engine is built…
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The World’s Only 1,000 Horsepower, 260 Cubic Inch Chevy SB2

Here at The Horsepower Monster, we love unique engine builds--and this one definitely qualifies. We always enjoy visiting the shops of Keith Dorton, owner of Automotive Specialists in Concord, NC, because he's always building something cool. This particular engine came about when the Hotrod Hoodlums land speed racing team out of Texas asked Keith to…
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Fixing an Exhaust Leak in Our Project Camaro

Say hello to the Horsepower Monster's new project Camaro. The car was an Ebay victory for a mere $2,200, and there's a reason why it came so cheap. We've got a pretty cool engine for this Camaro in the works, but the exhaust leak was just too annoying to ignore until then.
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440 Cubic Inches of Chevy 409

The 409 has seen a bit of a revival of late with Edelbrock's introduction of new aluminum heads and World Products following up shortly after that with an aluminum Merlin 409. Our 409 build is meant to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. We kept an original cast iron block and

The 60-Second Engine Teardown

This video is mostly just for fun. This is a 283 out of a '57 Chevy, and I think it would make a great little motor for a roadster. We'll build it with an old-school vibe, and maybe even keep the rams-horn exhaust manifolds. But first I needed to tear it down. The car had…
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