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Building a Big Block Ripper to go Mud Bogging!

Here's the challenge: How much naturally aspirated power can you make for twenty grand? Mud Bogging is about as All-American as it gets when it comes to motorsports. We travelled to the shops of Motorsports Unlimited to meet up with owner Lance Stillwell as he builds a 582 cubic inch big block for a Mud…
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Building a 461 Old School Pontiac (with Fuel Injection!)

Keith Dorton of Automotive Specialists takes a junkyard 389 block (with missing main caps) and turns it into a 416 cubic inch Pontiac V8 with the classic triple-deuces look except with trick modern fuel injection. Please note: In the video I call the block an original 389. I think this is actually a more modern…
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Dual TorqStorm Blowers on a 427 Cubic Inch LS1

The GM LSX engine has been built in just about every configuration imaginable, but Holley and Prestige Motorsports took it to a new level by strapping two TorqStorm centrifugal superchargers to a bored and stroked 427 cubic inch LS1. On pump gas this bad boy makes over 1,000 horsepower without breaking a sweat.
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Jeep Straight Six Stroker Build: Big Power on a Budget

The Jeep straight six is one of the greatest engines of all time. But that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Newcomer Racing shows us how to put together a big power, naturally aspirated stroker 4.0 Jeep engine without spending big coin. The basic recipe is to use the block and connecting rods from a…
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