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Win the Ultimate Stock 5.0 Block Engine

Holley is giving this 500-plus horsepower 5.0 stroker engine away December 2, 2019, and it can be yours. Check it out and sign up for the sweepstakes here: This build is based around a stock 302 Ford block. We're talking about the old pushrod block from the Fox Body Mustangs, not the new overhead…
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Chevy Makes an Easy 550+ Horsepower on the Dyno

You've got to love old school grunt. Today we have a naturally aspirated small block Chevy built by Keith Dorton at Automotive Specialists. It's been punched out to 400 cubic inches, and naturally aspirated with a carburetor still manages to make over 550 horsepower on pump gas. Maybe best of all, this engine is built…
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612 Horsepower Pump Gas Ford Build

Prestige Motorsports is a longtime race engine builder that also builds some pretty hot street/strip engines for a variety of applications. I've known these folks for years, but this is our first engine build video together. So, of course, we had to go big. How about a 427 cubic inch Ford that makes 612 horsepower…
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Rebuilding a Classic “Nailhead”

Identifying a classic Buick "Nailhead" engine is easy because of the vertical valve covers. The engines don't typically make a ton of power, at least in stock form, but they doo have a lot of cool factor for hot rodders because they are relatively rare and look neat. Buick first began producing the Nailhead in…
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Building an AMC 390 to go into a restored 1969 AMX

When the American Motors Company debuted the AMX as a mid-year 1968 model, it became the only steel-bodied two-seat vehicle being made in the States--or maybe anywhere, but we didn't research it that far. The AMX, which stands for American Motors eXperimental, was supposed to be AMC's halo car, similar to Chevrolet's Corvette. That may…
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