Building a Massive 572 Cubic Inch Hemi — With a Giant Blower on Top

Few engines are as iconic as the 426 Hemi. Prestige Motorsports is building an all-new 426 Hemi, but bored and stroked to a giant 572 cubic inches, and dropping on top a giant 871 blower from BDS. We follow along from bare block to the dyno session and even test a few variations.

On the dyno this big-inch beast didn’t disappoint. At just 9.4 pounds of boost this Elephant Hemi hit 879.7 horsepower and 784.6 pound feet of torque. In fact, from 3,500 all the way to 6,300 rpm the torque line never dropped below 725 lb/ft!

Check out the video below for all the details, and at the very end of this post we’ve got some photos Prestige Motorsports supplied us of the engine in its home. We’ve got to say we’re just a bit jealous!



Here is (at least a partial) parts list of the parts used:

Milodon Oil Pan

Edelbrock Hemi Cylinder Heads

ARP Head Stud Kit

Cometic Head Gaskets

Permatex Copper Head Gasket Spray

Quick Fuel 1050 cfm Boost Referenced Carburetor

MSD Pro Billet Distributor

MSD 6-BTM Ignition Control Box

The block is a new casting that Prestige Motorsports machined in-house.



The cam is a solid roller from Erson designed to work well with the moderate boost levels expected to be provided by the blower. It has 272/282 degrees of duration at 0.050 tappet lift on a 110-degree centerline.



The crankshaft is a forged unit from Eagle. With a stroke of 4.500 inches, moves the pistons 0.750 more than the stock unit.



The 7.100-inch long connecting rods are also from Eagle. The pistons are a set of custom forgings from JE that are 4.500 inches in diameter with a 0.225 dome.



With the short block complete, Larry Broeker degrees in the cam.


The cylinder heads are from Edelbrock. The have been CNC cut for maximum flow with 170cc combustion chambers and 245cc intake runners.



The Hemi uses an unmistakable rocker arm setup. These are from Indy.



Erson wants the hot lash for the Hemi to be 0.022 for the intakes and 0.024 for the exhausts, so Broeker sets both to 0.016 cold to allow for heat expansion. They will be rechecked on the dyno once everything is good and warm.



The accessory drive is from Eddie Motorsports.



Induction is handled by a pair of matching 1050 cfm double pumpers from Quick Fuel Technologies.



The finished product ready to rip on Prestige Motorsports’ dyno.






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  1. I just purchased a 67 Charger Hemi. The engine is on a stand as the Owner had rebuilt it. I say "had" because he has Alzheimer’s and his daughter sold me the car. He owned a car restoration business but I know nothing about the build. I have two questions: First before I put the engine in the car, I thought I would have it put on a dyno to check out the performance. Any suggestions for break in? Secondly, the engine is on a stand and I have read in an Old Chilton manual that the Hemi should be raised by straps and not by a Carb plate with chain. That makes sense to me. After watching your video build this morning, I definetely don't want to damage or drop this engine. So I need your help to tell me if I can attach two straps to the engine and lift it off the stand and into my pick-up bed, set on tires, to transport to my garage. Or do I use two brackets that ECS Automotive sold me, said they originally fastened to the right rear and front left of the hemi engine, and lift with chains. I really need to know the answer before I move the engine off the stand and then into the truck, and then back onto my stand before I lower into the car. Please let me know or send me your number and I will call you. Thank you, Dean Prevolos 239-450-8139. I am in Naples, Florida.

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