Win the Ultimate Stock 5.0 Block Engine

Holley is giving this 500-plus horsepower 5.0 stroker engine away December 2, 2019, and it can be yours. Check it out and sign up for the sweepstakes here:

This build is based around a stock 302 Ford block. We’re talking about the old pushrod block from the Fox Body Mustangs, not the new overhead cam engines. Prestige Motorsports put together the package featuring a lot of goodies from the Holley family of brands. That includes Holley HP EFI, a sweet Holley Hi-Ram intake and billet throttle body, Frostbite electric water pump, Hooker long-tube headers, MSD wires and more. 

On the dyno this engine made over 500 horsepower and was climbing hard when we pulled back on the handle at 6,600 rpm. In fact, this engine would have made much more except the block can’t safely handle more than about 500 horsepower for long. 

But this mile-wide powerband will make any car — not just a Fox Body — tons of fun. Check out our build video, then go sign up to win this engine for yourself!




Ford 302, 5.0 liter block with Scat cast crankshaft.
The baseline for this build is a 302 Ford block. But 302 cubes just won’t cut it. So the crank is a Scat casting with a 3.400-inch stroke.


The block has to be notched to clear the rods with the extra 0.400 inch of stroke.


Scat forged connecting rods for small block Ford and SRP forged pistons.
Scat forged rods that are 5.400 inches long mate with SRP forged flat top pistons.


Prestige Motorsports small block ford cylinder heads
Larry Broeker bolts up a set of Prestige Motorsports’ own cylinder head castings. These are permanent mold castings that make for excellent combustion chambers and ports without requiring a lot of hand porting.


Ford stroker engine with Holley Hi-Ram intake and Scorpion rockers
The bottom half of the Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold is installed. Those are 1.6:1 ratio Scorpion aluminum rockers activating the valves.


Prestige Motorsports built 302 Ford race engine
The finished product ready to hit the dyno.


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  1. where can i get a price for your heads for my sbf ..looking for more info on them as well
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