Formula 3 Car Gets Big Air in Huge Crash

This clip comes to us from the Formula 3 European Championship and captures one of the most incredible wrecks we’ve ever seen.

Everything starts when driver Ryan Tveter takes a turn way too hard and slides off the track and into a gravel area designed to slow the cars down. The gravel does its job and keeps Tveter off the barrier, but he slides back onto the track while also raising a gigantic cloud of dust.

That’s when things go bad very quickly. Driver Peter Li Zhi Cong flies through the dust cloud and strikes Tveter’s car directly in the rear at speed and goes flying. Tveter was also hit by a second driver, Pedro Piquet, who was following closely behind Cong.

Both Cong and Tveter were taken to the hospital after the crash. Cong suffered four fractured vertabrae and a broken heel, while Tveter was checked over for head and back injuries. Piquet, fortunately, was not injured.


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