The All Billet Devel Sixteen Makes 4,500 Horsepower Thanks to Four Turbos

Yes, you read that right--sixteen cylinders and four turbos. It is the engine that's going into the Devel Sixteen supercar.

That kind of lunacy sounds like the realm of cartoons and childrens' drawings, but it isn't. The Devel Sixteen engine is real, and it was created by Steve Morris Engines in Muskegon, MI. The Devel Sixteen is a supercar that a group in Dubai is hoping to create. So far it has been seen as a prototype with few--if any--concrete details, but this particular engine is very, very real.

Built practically all from billet, this engine produces a very healthy 3,000 horsepower on pump gas and 20 pounds of boost. But when the 93 octane is swapped out for race fuel and the pressure is bumped up to 36 psi, the horsepower is ramped up to an astounding 4,500.

See for yourself in the video. And if you are curious, here's a pic of the car it will be going into.

devel sixteen

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  1. Let me guess, it's all based on a small block Chevrolet.

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