How to Measure the Chamber Volume of Your Cylinder Heads

Being able to check volumes is critical for anyone building engines. You can calculate your engine’s compression ratio based on what you think the combustion chamber volume in your cylinder heads might be, and what the catalog says the volume of the valve pockets in your pistons should be–but you are really just hoping unless you can verify it.

Checking volume is as simple as pouring liquid from a marked buret into the space your are measuring and then seeing how much remains in the buret. Of course, there’s a little more to it than that, and we’ll show you all the tricks in the video.

Checking combusation chamber volume is by far the most common use for a CC’in kit, but once you’ve got the particulars down it can also be quite useful to check intake and exhaust port volumes, cylinder volume at piston TDC, intake manifolds, heck, anything you can think of.

And by the way, the CC’ing kit I used in the video came from Powerhouse Products. The same is true for the cylinder head stand. The cylinder heads are aluminum Dragonslayers for a Chevy small block from Brodix that will be showing up again soon on our 427 cubic inch small block project engine. Check it out when you get a chance.

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