Fixing an Exhaust Leak in Our Project Camaro

Say hello to the Horsepower Monster’s new project Camaro. First Gen Camaros have been highly prized for decades, and now the early ’70s big grill cars are catching on with the Pro Touring set. We figure we’ll be ahead of the curve with this ’78. Plus, we’re cheap.

The car was an Ebay victory for a mere $2,200, and there’s a reason why it came so cheap. Everything leaked–motor oil, coolant, power steering fluid, ATF, even exhaust gasses. Most of the leaks were easy fixes done on a Saturday afternoon. We’ve got a pretty cool engine for this Camaro in the works that we’ll cover in detail in upcoming videos, but the exhaust leak was just too annoying to ignore until then. So we threw on a set of Stage 8 locking header bolts.

The Stage 8 bolts are a little more money than standard bolts, but in our opinion they are worth it. The system is simple and it works. So we turned the camera on to introduce you to the Camaro and show you just how easy the fix is.
In this project, we used a pair of Cometic Amor Clad exhaust gaskets from their Street Pro line and Stage 8’s locking header bolts. For more information you can check out Cometic’s website at and Stage 8’s at

Check out the video, and please make sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’d like to see done as we take this ’78 Camaro from derelict to the real deal.


5 Responses

  1. MartinS
    Used those locking header bolts before. Worked for me too.
  2. AJdC
    That is some ugly patina
  3. 70SS
    That ain't patina, that's just ugly. Car does sound a lot better tho.
    • Jeff
      You are right. We're working on paint!
  4. 68 Nova
    Big Block!

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