Sprint Car on the Chassis Dyno

Now here's something you don't see every day.

Sprint Cars don't use a clutch or have starters, so they require a push truck to get them fired up. That's why it's a pretty rare sight to see one on a chassis dyno. This rig at Roush Yates Performance Products has been modified with a monster sized high-torque electric motor that's routed through a gear reduction drive and then spins the rolling drum with a couple of truck tires. There are only a few like this in the entire country, and it's a pretty impressive thing to see.

Even more impressive than that, however, is watching a fire-breathing Sprint Car strapped down and trying its best to get loose. The car in this video is in the smaller displacement 360 cid class, so I can't wait to catch a 410 car on there one day.

This video is a short ad I did for Roush Yates Performance Products, but I thought you might enjoy it too.

2 Responses

  1. AAWayne
    Bet it won't hook up very good with those tires! What are those special tires for the dyno?
  2. Jeff
    Yes, they actually race the 360 Sprints on asphalt occasionally. That's what those tires are originally for, but they use them on the dyno because they are more stable. They also run the smaller left-side tires on both sides at the back of the car so they don't have to deal with lots of bias that comes from running the much larger right rear.

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