The Pulstar Plugs Dyno Test

You may have noticed the ads in several leading magazines for these new spark plugs from a company called Enerpulse Incorporated. Enerpulse calls its device the Pulstar Plug, and Pulstar Plugsit's making some fantastic claims about it. By incorporating what Enerpulse calls a "Pulse Circuit" in the plug, the Pulstar is supposed to deliver as much as 10 times more power than a conventional plug. Enerpulse says that equals 11 more horsepower in a Nissan 350Z.

So what's the catch? At 25 bucks apiece, we're talking 200 big ones (plus shipping) to outfit your V8. So before you spent that kind of money, we spent it so we could test them on a dyno and see if they work as advertised.

Print Out the Dyno Sheet

2 Responses

  1. Avear
    So basicly what you are saying is that even if i but these in my stock 360 with the stock 4 bbl thurmoquad ill only be gettin like + 4hp? if so what othere ways can i get a better spark out of a stock 360 1972 plymouth?
  2. What ignition do you have in the car now? If you are running a stock unit, Performance Distributors offers HEI units for that engine starting--I think--around $350. I really like the Performance Distributors line of DUI distributors. I've put them on everything from street motors to a Street Stock racing engine and they've made power. If, for some reason, the large cap design won't fit in your engine compartment, they also have a small cap design with an external coil. MSD should also have some good options. I know this is more expensive than buying a set of plugs, but I think you will be happier both in the long and short run.

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