A New Era Buick GNX

For the first of many engine builds at Street Muscle Action, we couldn't just settle for something ordinary. No, this is a new century re-imagining of Buick's turbocharged V6. This time around we're talking about a 76 millimeter turbo, 42 extra cubic inches and total output of over 700 horsepower. So far we have the first three video installments in a series chronicling the entire buildup. Up next we will bolt on the turbo and get it up on the dyno, so check back regularly for more!

The first video in the buildup (above) is all about building the foundation. We're preparing the block to be able to withstand 700 horsepower and installing the crankshaft.

Part Two

The rotating assembly: Plugging in the connecting Rods and pistons.

Part Three

Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain: Making old aluminum heads new again and bringing the valvetrain into the 21st century.

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  1. taisia fauolo
    yea just want to when will it be ready and how much?
    • Really do look forward to seeing the out come of this and hopefully it is a happy one! Nothing like a Buick 6!
  2. I believe the owner told me the cost was somewhere around 12 grand, but your mileage may vary depending on your engine builder. Currently the engine is in the car but with a very (and I emphasize the word "very") mild tune. The owner plans to get the car to a tuner soon but money issues have kept him from getting it done. Believe me, I'd like to finish this series off with a good dyno session!
  3. Ramone Beaudoin
    Does the build up of the engine include parts?
  4. Yes, that $12K definitely includes parts, but it has been a while and I don't know if the prices have changed. The builder was KT Engine Development and their number--which I don't think they will mind me sharing--is (704) 784-2610. If you build your own version, make sure to let us know.
  5. Don Lafont
    I have a built 4.1 also in my GN which is pretty much the identical build (minus the fancy coatings on the pistons and extra oiling mods). I was very interested in the oil sqirters. How/where did you find the squirters? I am looking at doing the same to mine because I have a crankcase evac system and crank scraper which is going to keep windage down however without this oil splash I now need to add some cooling to the bottom of the pistons with squirters. I am also going to add about 1" of to strengthen it also. Have you done any dyno tests on this engine and what numbers did you get?
    • Don Lafont
      Meant to say 1" of hardblok.
  6. Pat
    How much would something like this cost, like in reality?
  7. Jeff
    10 to 15 grand depending on how many parts you have already or are willing to purchase used.
  8. Pat
    wow actually not that bad if you had the money once you see how much work is actually involved. i just recently spun the bearing in my 1989. I wanna stay stock bottom end and just repair crank assembly. Would you suggest the addition of an engine girdle?
  9. Aaron Minor
    Did you ever made a video of the engine running and installed 2 years ago?
  10. Ed
    How was the 4.1 build from KT Engine?? Results..good bad..etc I am interested in doing a build for my next t-type/gn
  11. What do you have for piston to wall clearance in a build like this?

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